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KOMPAS Hotel Aalborg

3 of 5 Stars

KOMPAS Hotel Aalborg is one of the city's oldest and most popular accommodations. Everyone is welcome, whether you are on a business trip, weekend break or short break. Here is homely and nice to be.

Get off to a good start with our large and well-stocked breakfast buffet, which opens for the morning freshness from kl. 6.30 on all weekdays and from kl. 7.30 on the weekend.

KOMPAS Hotel Aalborg is a 100% non-profit hotel, where every dollar of the profits goes unharmed to charity work. So every time you choose KOMPAS Hotel, you help support our humanitarian work. They call it KOMPASsion.

Environmental efforts

Green Key since 2018.



With 200,000 inhabitants, Aalborg is the largest city in Northern Jutland. Aalborg has named two important European sustainability documents: Aalborg Charter from 1994 and Aalborg Commitments from 2004. Aalborg is involved in the Sustainable Cities campaign, led by ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability).

Over 50% of the rooms in Aalborg are eco-labeled with the Swan or Green Key.