Guests now request environmentally friendly choices and products. They focus not only on sustainability and transparency but want to support efforts to protect the environment. Currently, many businesses with strict standards choose eco-certified accommodation and conference facilities.  Guests are also following that trend. Eco-certification gives you a competitive advantage and meets guests demands.

Through eco-certification a business can improve its environmental efforts and stay at the forefront of technology. Improving environmental efforts lowers expenditure and saves resources. When a business follows these principles, it simultaneously displays a willingness to improve its business and help to protect the environment.

Why Green Key? 

Green Key is the leading international eco-label for accommodations. Local Green Key departments ensure that standards are upheld and that the certification program adapts to all parts of the world.

Green Key's policy is that eco-certification should be affordable for all, therefore prices are lower when compared to similar eco-labels. There is no application fee. The application process is simple - without complicated calculations.

Green Key's certification criteria are created by the industry - for the industry. We understand the process which is developed with guests' experience in mind without compromise.

Once certified, your business can be promoted in Green Key's marketing channels. Guests are able to search for Green Key certified hotels on sites such as and

Green Key is an expanding eco-label. Through certification, you become part of a large community where ideas and improvements are shared and discussed. Green Key will provide assistance and guidance with your environmental efforts.

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