In addition to booking a Green Key certified venue for your meeting, there are several green initiatives prior to, during and after the event which should be considered in order to enhance your sustainability efforts.

Prior to the Event:

  • Send invitations, programmes and any additional materials for participants on environmentally friendly paper or by e-mail.

  • Provide attendees with directions to the conference location by public transport.

  • Encourage car sharing by providing a list with the particulars of all participants.

  • Hold your event in a room which comfortably fits the number of participants to avoid unnecessary use of energy and space.

  • Order organic fruit and drinks.

  • Order ice water in jugs rather than bottled water.

  • Order a certain percentage of organic or climate-friendly foods.

During the Event:

  • Use electronic media such as websites or apps to enable attendees to view presentations, a list of participants, and other practical information on their mobile phones, tablets or computers.

  • Print event folders and contents on environmentally friendly paper.

  • Place writing pads and pens in one location so that each attendee can take what is needed instead of placing them at each seat.

  • Switch on air-conditioning or heating units only when necessary.

  • Avoid the use of unnecessary lighting. Dim or turn off some or all lighting during the day.

  • Use disposable packaging only when necessary (e.g. for outdoor activities), or order biodegradable products. Check with the venue to ascertain how attendees can recycle their waste. 

  • Include simple, environmentally friendly advice in the event folder.

After the Event:

  • Recycle unused materials.

  • Reuse name tags.

  • Switch off lights, ventilation or air conditioning units before leaving the venue.