Choice of transportation

When choosing transportation, you can choose what’s best for the environment. Of course, you can not completely avoid transportation that has a negative impact on the environment. You have to transport yourself from A to B, and it is not possible to walk to Mecca or Thailand, and of course it should be possible to fly on your journey.

You can follow some of these tips:

  • Muscle power is better than engine power. Therefore, transportation by foot, bike or in the canoe is environmentally more sustainable than motorized transportation. And it's healthy and often gives a good and more authentic experience.
  • Of course, there must be room for exotic journeys, but the more often you spend a holiday closer to where you live, for example, in your own country - the more environmentally friendly you are.
  • Public transportation is more sustainable than private transportation - and trains are better than busses. If you rent a car, rent an environmentally friendly car, and plan your route to your destination, so you use less fuel. Often it is also a more beautiful trip than rushing off to the highway.
  • Ferries, ships and boats also charge the environment, so check what have the least negative impact. Several cruise and ferry companies focus on sustainability and are increasingly sailing on environmentally friendly energy, such as gas and electricity. It also makes the experience better to avoid the black smoke and the silence of an electric motor is clearly preferable when you visit a natural area.
  • Aircrafts is clearly the transportation that emits the most CO2. When flying, book a directly flight and avoid layovers as much as possible. You save time, energy and effort by flying directly. Choose an airline that focus on the environment and has new airplanes that have less negative impact on the environment than the old ones.