Green meetings and conferences

In addition of booking meetings at places labelled with Green Key or other established eco-labels, you can take environmental action before, during and after the event.

Before arrangement:

  • Use eco-friendly paper or mail for invitations, programs and follow-up material for participants.
  • Inform participants about the possibility for public transport to the venue.
  • Encourage carpooling by handing out participant list in advance.
  • Place the event in a suitable sized room, so you don’t use unnecessary energy on heat or air-condition for a too large room.
  • Have organic fruits / beverages.
  • Have ice water in pitchers instead of bottled water.
  • Order a certain amount of organic or climate-friendly food.

During the event:

  • Use electronic media with websites or apps, so participants can view presentations, participant lists, practical information etc. on Smartphone’s, tabs or PCs.
  • Printed folders and other documents should be printed on environmentally friendly paper.
  • Have paper and pencils prepared, so participants themselves can take it if needed.
  • Only turn on air-condition or heat when needed.
  • Avoid using unnecessary light - turnoff all or part of the light during daytime.
  • Only use disposable packaging in special cases (ex. outdoor activities) and then order sustainable products.
  • Have participants sort their waste - Ask the venue about how.
  • Have environmental advices for the participant.

After the event:

  • Recycle printed material that hasn’t been used.
  • Recycling unused nameplates.
  • Turn off the light and ventilation or air-condition when you leave the room.
  • Send presentations by mail or other electronics as "Distribution copies".