In addition to booking meetings at businesses which are Green Key certified or have other established eco-labels, you can do much to protect the environment before, during and after an event.

Before the Event:

  • Use eco-friendly paper or emails for invitations, programs and follow-up material for participants.
  • Inform participants about the possibility of using public transport to the venue.
  • Encourage carpooling by handing out a list of participants in advance.
  • Hold the event in a suitably sized room to minimize the use of heating or air-conditioning.
  • Purchase organic fruits and beverages.
  • Use ice water in pitchers instead of bottled water.
  • Order a percentage of organic or climate-friendly foods.

During the Event:

  • Use electronic media such as websites or apps, so participants can view presentations, a list of participants and other practical information on their phones, tablets or computers
  • Folders and other documents should be printed on eco-friendly paper
  • Put paper and pencils in a central location so participants can take what they need
  • Use air-conditioning or heating only when necessary
  • Turn off unnecessary lighting during the daytime
  • Utilize sustainable products. Use disposable packaging only in special cases (e.g. outdoor activities)
  • Have participants sort their waste according to the venue's instructions
  • Share advice about the environment to the participants.

After the Event:

  • Recycle unused printed material
  • Recycle unused nameplates
  • Turn off lights and air-conditioning units when you leave the room.
  • Send meeting presentations electronically.