Some experiences and attractions are eco-labelled, (e.g. Green Key certified), and are already involved in sustainable practices.

  • Check websites, or ask for specific environmental efforts when you visit 
  • Swimming pools, sports facilities and water parks should be energy efficient and minimize water consumption. 
  • Zoos, aquariums and other animal attractions must protect and treat animals and plants properly. Avoid visiting locations where animals are mistreated. Many countries, including Denmark, have guidelines on the treatment of animals and ways to maintain the world's animal population. 
  • Exercise caution when you take photographs with an animal as some may be ill, medicated or sedated 
  • Museums and visiting centres should prioritize energy saving methods in regard to lighting, building and storage, and focus on serving sustainable meals in their cafes.
  • Amusement parks should be aware of their energy consumption and serve a larger amount of sustainable meals. 

You can: 

  • Assist with water consumption
  • Turn off lights and electronic equipment when not in use
  • Use rubbish bins
  • Sort your waste