Green experiences and attractions

 Some experiences and attractions are eco-labeled, for example, with Green Key and are already evolved with environmental work.

  • Check the website or ask for their environmental efforts when you visit them. 
  • Swimming pools, sports facilities and water parks should make an effort to help save energy and water consumption. 
  • Zoos, aquariums and other animal attractions must protect and treat animals and plants properly. Avoid visiting places with animals where you suspect they aren’t treated well. In many countries, including Denmark there are guidelines for treating the animals - and efforts to maintain the world's animal population. 
  • Be critical if you get the opportunity to be photographed with an animal. Some of them may be sedated or medicated and doesn’t feel well. 
  • Museums and visiting centers should be doing an effort for energy savings in, ex. lighting, building and storage – and have focus on sustainable food in their cafeteria.
  • Amusement parks should be aware of their energy consumption and serve more sustainable food. 

You can: 

  • Help save the water.
  • Turn off lights and electronic equipment when leaving.
  • Use rubbish bins
  • Sort your waste by location information.