Hotel GUESTapart


Det Økologiske Spisemærke

Much more than a hotel

At Hotel GUESTapart, you will find the perfect combination of 1st class hotel facilities and a cozy, homelike atmosphere.

The concept of the hotel relies on the idea of “a home away from home”, and we put a lot of effort into creating the best possible experience for the guests at the hotel. We do this with personal and present one to one service, a unique setting and lovely food.

The hotel opened the doors in April of 2019 and is therefore a fresh and innovative input to the town of Aarhus. We have 86 fully equipped hotel rooms, modern and high-tech conference rooms, a delicious a la carte restaurant and 600 square meters of exclusive fitness facilities with sauna and cold showers.

The hotel offers free parking and is located with a tram stop right nearby, so our guests can reach downtown Aarhus in just 10 minutes.

Our rooms are between 30 and 48 square meters. Each room has its own kitchen with everything needed for cooking af meal, a big bathroom with towels, hair dryer and delicious bath articles, a bedroom with double beds and B&O TV and furniture and interior items with a Danish and international design touch. The style is experimenting, where raw materials and industrial design meets soft textures, unique arts, and colors. We have tried make a place to match your everyday life in the best way possible – with extra some extra pampering.

Environmental efforts

An environmental effort beyond the ordinary

At the hotel we have a large set of specific actions we take to limit our resources. We never serve water by bottle, but instead cleansed tap water. All water gets cleared from calcium, so our machines, plates, glasses, and cutlery remain spotless for many years to come. Our water taps are touch free and our toilets are with double rinse. The hotel has a grade A energy efficiency with its own solar plant that generates power for keeping the installations running. We have installed light sensor in all the rooms that gets used the least, and all electronics and PCs are shut down whenever its not in use. Besides that, we have four charging stations for electric cars available at our parking lot.

The restaurant of the hotel – Restaurant APART is equally committed to a sustainable daily operation. The restaurant is the holder of the Silver Organic Cuisine Label which means that 60-90% of all raw ingredients and beverages are organic. When ordering raw ingredients, we order locally and tuned amounts to minimize transport and avoid unnecessary food waste. When the kitchen produces food to go, we carefully wrap it in 100% reused and biodegradable materials.

The in-house cleaning staff only use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. Washing detergent and paper towels are free of any unnecessary additives. Besides that, we sort our garbage in nine different fractions, and we encourage our guests to do the same.


Aarhus and the area

Being Denmark’s second city, Aarhus is the centre of a region filled with dynamic and creative cities, unique countryside scenery with a beautiful national park not to mention world-class art and cultural activities. And we are happy to share it all with you. In the cities of the region, historical surroundings set the perfect scene for a creative and vibrant town life with exciting attractions, shopping and ample opportunity to get a taste of Danish cuisine based on fresh, locally produced ingredients.

Furthermore, the region holds amazing natural scenery as far as the eye can see: 360 km of unspoiled, blue coastline and white beaches frame the magnificent and ever changing landscape with lakes, streams, forests, hills and an endless number of breathtaking lookout points.

The city holding the prestigious title as European Capital of Culture 2017 has led to the cultural scene in Aarhus and the Aarhus Region being at its strongest ever. This attracts visitors from all over the world and puts Aarhus in the lead as Denmark’s number one tourist attraction outside of Copenhagen in terms of geography and tourism turnover.

About 60% of the rooms in Aarhus are eco-labeled after Wakeup Aarhus has received Green Key.