Montra Hotel Hanstholm

4 of 5 Stars

Located in the fishing town of Hanstholm you will get a unique place to stay at four-star Hotel Hanstholm. The location is great for exploring the many possibilities of the region with only a short drive to Cold Hawaii, charming Thisted with nice shops or the very active harbor in Hanstholm. At the docks the fishermen unload their fishy treasure to be sold on the auction, which is the biggest in Denmark.

Hanstholm is right at the edge of Nationalpark Thy, the first national park in Denmark, and you can spend many an hour trying to find all the fascinating wildlife, the area has to offer.

The hotel has all you need to relax and have a good time with good facilities such as an indoor swimming pool and sauna as well as a good restaurant. The restaurant offers great menus with fish front and center, but also offers many Danish classics.


Northern Jutland is a fascinating area with many places to go and see. The western coast of Jutland is a special place for many Danes with wild waters and wide beaches, but you can find most of your heart’s desires.

Cityfolk will love Aalborg with its concerts, legendary nightlife and many shops, but those who love the open air will find plenty of fascinating nature in Nationalpark Thy and Limfjorden as well as Vesterhavet.

Environmental efforts

Montra Hotel Hanstholm is part of the Montra Hotels chain of hotels and their efforts for the environments(Danish).


North Jutland

The northern part of Jutland is full of unique nature experiences and viewpoints with stunning views of the ice age landscape, heather areas and white sand beaches. Here is also the attraction Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, where you can experience innovative solutions to renewable energy, and the Museum of Sustainability and Supply - MOSS, the cultural-historical museum with specialties within the people of Vildmosen, Møller and Jyske Å's history.