Skovshoved Hotel

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Det Økologiske Spisemærke

Skovshoved Hotel is a small hotel with 22 rooms on Strandvejen just north of Copenhagen. The hotel is a family run boutique hotel. Here is a dedicated hotel team ready to give all our guests a good experience at the cozy, old bath hotel. The hotel still exudes atmosphere and nostalgia from the moment you step in the door. Which our guests love and love to return to.

Skovshoved Hotel's history dates back to 1660 and started as a modest bathing hotel in the then rural fishing village of Skovshoved. Since then, the hotel has undergone a number of changes and renovations, most recently in 2003, which today gives you the hip and cozy all at once.

Environmental efforts

Skovshoved Hotel has a particularly high focus on organic products for breakfast, as well as sustainability. The sustainable focus can be seen, for example, in relation to green activity offers for hotel and conference guests, the use of local suppliers and partners, as well as sustainable products in the hotel rooms in, for example, minibars and care series.

Part of Small Danish Hotel's environmental efforts.

Green Key since May 2020.


North of Copenhagen

North Zealand (North of Copenhagen) is wellness and wellness - also when it comes to food. Therefore, you will find a wealth of organic producers who deliver directly to local restaurants and cafes in North Zealand. There is not always far from ground to table when you get fresh local produce directly to the kitchen. On the food market one can gather around long tables with friends and family and enjoy food from all over the world, from stalls with different street food concepts.

You can also buy into farm shops and harvest markets, which always have fresh, sustainable and organic produce.

Let the pedal force lead you into the country for the deep, quiet tranquility of the forest on Route 105 and 110 to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Denmark's fifth national park or white sand beaches and impressive castles. In North Zealand there are many forests and it is allowed and free to move in for horses, on foot or by bicycle.